Larry Moskowitz – Sharing the Real Love for Painting with The World  

Every artist shares a common bond with each other- a love for painting! It is this love that helps them connect with the world and make stunning visual masterpieces with their brushes.  When it comes to painting, artists say that they generally pay more attention to their imagination over techniques. The reasons are obvious. The secret to a good artwork is painting from the heart!

Larry Moskowitz- creating artwork loved and appreciated by everyone

Larry Moskowitz is a talented artist in New York, and besides painting, he loves to travel and take photos of the places he visits. He also indulges himself in papercraft and digital art projects as well. He says that when he looks at art, he follows the work of great masters and observes their techniques as well as approach. He draws inspiration from them and loves to learn from them as well.

Winning the hearts of millions with his work

He has stolen the hearts of several art lovers across the world. Agents from major museums have approached him for displaying his unique works of art. Millions of art lovers have appreciated his art, and he shows no signs of stopping when it comes to creating something new. You can see many of his amazing work on his Facebook profile.

The urge for knowledge and wisdom

Every artist has the urge for knowledge and wisdom. The process of art is a never-ending process of self-discovery and learning. Artists are able to express their imagination freely with color. He says that when it comes to painting and drawing, one needs to focus on the goal of the artwork. Some artists paint from personal experience. They want to share with the world the things they have experienced. The work provokes a lot of thought and often ends up making a direct connection with the audience. He says artists do not follow the rules when it comes to expressing their art on canvas. They allow their creative instincts to guide them and the artwork comes out on the canvas naturally!

What are the traits of good painters when they create amazing works of art?

Good painters do not recreate the subject they draw inspiration from. They do more to that. A good painter knows how to express his or her imagination well. At the same time, a good artist infuses colors and themes in such a way to send direct messages to the audience. The focal point is important for every artist, and this is something that they wish to portray to everyone.

Larry Moskowitz says another vital aspect of art is color. Layers of color have to be incorporated in the painting to highlight its essence. He says that colors in the art may be vibrant, dynamic, tranquil or stark. The artist needs to decide on the choice of color and how to infuse layers of them in the artwork. The artist combines these colors to create the ambiance of the painting which he or she wishes to portray to others.