SEO For Homebuilders

To maximize your SEO potential in the homebuilding sector, you need to have a combination of on-page, technical, and local SEO skills.

Your ability to balance these skills and techniques is key to the success of your company.

These are the four areas that marketers in the residential construction space need to be aware of in order for their construction company to succeed.

  1. The Homebuilder’s Guide to Content Areas

You will have sections on your site that are devoted to customers and prospects. These are areas that your website should invest in most for success with SEO.

Floorplan or Home Plan Pages

Floorplan pages are the most popular section of builders’ websites. These pages should be filled with imagery, specifications, localized prices/features, FAQs, video-based content, and videos featuring the architect or home designer.

Featured Product Pages

Throughout the construction process, builders work with many vendors and contractors. Because of the association between the quality of vendors’ materials and the buyer’s perceptions of the brand, these vendors can have an impact on the buyer’s decision. Clear product information can be a benefit to homebuilders. It will help buyers feel confident that they are using premium products. These pages are both SEO-friendly and can be used to help with sales.

  1. SERP Features for Homebuilders

There are many opportunities to appear for multiple SERP features due to the long process of home buying and high involvement.

Local Pack

Optimizing and verifying their Google My Business profile(s) should be the first step for homebuilders to improve their local SEO presence. This should be done at the branch or local level. You will also need to create a profile for each location (sales office or community).

  1. Off-Page SEO Opportunities

Because they have good connections with partners, vendors, and other organizations, homebuilders often have many low-hanging links building opportunities.

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