Dedicated Linux Server Hosting

First of what exactly is a dedicated server? A dedicated server is just one of the internet hosting services that allows exclusive use of a web server to you and your web site alone. This is a beneficial web server if your web site creates a substantially large amount of web site traffic in a day. Dedicated servers get constant upgrades on your web site application and hardware thus keeping you at the top of the chain plus creating more site traffic.

Worried about the costs or fees you would pay when you get increased site traffic? Well, worry not because with a dedicated server you get unlimited bandwidth so even if you do get an increase in site traffic there are no additional fees to worry about. Given that info on dedicated servers allow me to focus your attention on the following topics: Linux dedicated server hosting and UNIX dedicated server which are just two operating systems available for a dedicated server, cPanel dedicated server, and a FreeBSD dedicated server.

Your Operating System

Any dedicated server package you would acquire whether it be a cPanel dedicated server or a FreeBSD dedicated server, they still require you to choose one operating system that would be appropriate for your web site content. The choices for your operating system would be Windows, UNIX, and Linux. First, let us focus on the well known dedicated server hosting which is Linux.

Linux dedicated server hosting has a package that includes the following: Intel ATOM 330 Dual-Core Processor 1.6 GHz, 320 GB SATA Drive, a 2GB worth RAM, and a 3,000 GB bandwidth. The operating system supported on a Linux dedicated server hosting would include Debian and CentOS. Despite Linux dedicated server hosting being a difficult dedicated server than windows dedicated server it remains popular and the first choice for web applications and web serving. In regards to the cPanel dedicated servers, these are the most preferred choice control panel of a Linux dedicated server.

UNIX dedicated server is another of the web host service offered. This would be best if you wish to have your web site monitored all the while even while you focus on other stuff. This web server requires the assistance of individuals for it to work.

Dedicated CPanel Servers

cPanel dedicated servers have a few features that are better than opting for a cheap dedicated server which is as follows: unlimited domains, WHM access, full access to customization, updates on your auto – server, easily and instantly install your web site applications plus multiple language support. Another good thing about a cPanel dedicated server is that it can handle absolutely everything which is one reason why Linux dedicated server hosting opts for this web server.

What’s left would be a FreeBSD dedicated server. So what does this web server have to offer you? Well, same as a cPanel dedicated server, a FreeBSD dedicated server is used for web hosting businesses or even as a personal web server. The same advantages are the same as other dedicated servers available.

In conclusion, Linux dedicated server hosting or even cPanel dedicated servers, in general, would always depend on your choice of an operating system or a web host provider that would fit the needs of your web site applications. Now you have an idea on the different of FreeBSD dedicated server up to a UNIX dedicated server.