Why Stickers Remain Relevant To Your Marketing Efforts In 2020

2020 has arrived, and with it a decade of sophisticated digital marketing technologies has come to past. For companies looking to remain relevant in their marketing approach, it might at first glance be tempting to abandon all traditional advertising efforts. Yet, to solely pursue online presence would be to harm your overall brand’s effectiveness.

Instead, it is recommended that you retain offline marketing efforts while integrating both offline and online channels. When talking about offline marketing channels, the sticker remains an ever-relevant approach for your campaigns.

Why Choose Stickers As A Marketing Channel

Stickers have been used for ages as a quick and simple medium to communicate brands’ messages. Their low cost of production and flexibility in placement make them a favourite amongst marketeers looking to get the most bang for their buck. Yet, they have also fallen out of favour as consumers become increasingly numb to mass market advertising.

Why Many Companies Fail To Use Stickers Effectively

In the past, mass market advertising messages were effective as the air was not overly crowded with different brand messages. Yet over time, as the sheer bombardment of messages increased, so did out ability to tune them out. Take for example your local coffeeshop. Within which, if you were to inspect the individual walls, you will likely find many corporate stickers which were stuck there long ago. Yet, we almost never notice any of them.

Other than a general numbness to advertising messages, a portion of the blame can also be attributed to a lack of effort in both strategic direction and design of the stickers. In the past, in order to minimise cost, stickers were kept simple. Typically, the brand name, the service or product offered, and the contact number were all that were displayed.

Given the ease of internet usage, such information is no longer relevant for stickers. Knowing this, how then can companies improve their usage of stickers?

Stickers In The Modern Age

The modern-day marketing industry is characterised by user to user interactions. Social media strongly facilitates this by enabling users to share their tastes and preferences. Likewise, offline marketing efforts need to grow in the same vein.

In particular reference to stickers, marketeers need to be put a stronger emphasis on branding and engaging consumers. The right sticker should tempt consumers to paste them on their own belongings, a form of sharing in the real world. It should provide a statement of the user’s likes and dislikes and thus serve their need to communicate with others.

Common effective uses of stickers include the creation of a series of characters that represent the company’s brand or stickers that carry messages that resonate with the user.

Getting Your Sticker Campaign Started

Once you have created the desired concept and designs for your stickers, you will have to have them printed. Given that your brand will now be at stake, a high-quality production and reliable supplier should be sought after. Custom Sticker Printing services will be needed in order for your design to be printed in bulk.