What’s the difference between event management and event planning

The Events industry includes several figures and activities. So. if you are not familiar with them, probably you don’t know the difference between event planning and event management.

If you are a company manager and you are looking for suggestions about how to plan a corporate event and how to boost your business thanks to it, surely it will be useful to deep understand this difference.

Let’s see together what does an event manager does instead of an event planner.

Main tasks of an event management specialist

As the word “event management” says, the event manager is the one who is in charge of the whole managing of the event. So, the event manager ensures that everything runs well during the show. He or she doesn’t take part in the making of.

He or she has the task of ensuring that everything goes smoothly and that everyone is satisfied, from guests to the company or the person who asked him or her to organize the event.

Also, the event manager has many responsibilities, especially those about safe and security. In fact, he or she must verify the existence of an emergency plan and that the location is provided of emergency exits; he or she has to ensure safe environmental conditions and that the location is accessible to everyone.

Also, the event manager is in charge to verify that all the authorizations have been requested and issued, in order to prevent penalties.

In order to achieve these goals, the event manager organizes everything long time before the event. So, if you would like to plan a fashion show for the next spring-summer season, for example, take care to contact an event management specialist a few months before!

Time and planning are the most important resources for an event manager. Also, his or her staff is fundamental for the success of the event. The event manager coordinates all the professionals and the suppliers. He or she has a global imagine of the event as it will be.

Differences between event management and event planning

One of the human resources that usually provides his or her service to the event manager is the event planner.

Unlike those involved in event management, those involved in event planning have an active role in the making of the event. He or she plans every aspect of the show, from the concept to the scouting of the location.

The event planner has a deep knowledge of suppliers in every filed. So, he or she is in charge to find the better solutions for the client, according to corporate needs and budget.

When the event goes live, the event planner stays under the scene but his or her task doesn’t end with the making of the event, even if the main referent during the live show is the event manager.

At the end, the event planner will collect all the feedbacks and will analyze them in order to understand how to provide a better service to the future, incoming clients.