Tips To Designing A Stunning Roller Banner For Your Business

Roller banners are a largelightweight display stand.  The base is commonly made from aluminium whereas the graphic part is usually printed on to a vinyl substrate.

These are most commonly used as a marketing display tool roller banners are referred to by many similar names, such as roll up banners, pull up banners, pop up banners, and penguin stands.  Printed on large format machines such as Roland or HP printer’s roller banners are printed at 300dpi and so the print quality is defined as high resolution.

You may also be wondering which roll up banner to get.

  1. Extra wide roller banners defined as any roller banner over an 850mm width. Most extra wide roller banners ae 120mm wide.
  2. Double sided roller banner with two graphics that can be used independtly or together to create a stunning visual impact from 2 directions. They can have different graphics and they can be used for different purposes.
  3. Single sided roller banners are the most common of all of the roller banners, this is the most cost effective exhibition stand that provides stunning visual impact up close and from afar.

Designing a roller banner shouldn’t be difficult and you following our tips you should be in the perfect position to get the most from your banner.

  1. If you can’t read and understand the information on your roll up banner in less than 3 seconds, you have too much information on it. According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company “Key elements should be visible and understood in 3 seconds or less.”
  2. Identify your target audience. Are you launching a new product or just want a roller banner that provides generic information about your brand?  You need to know this information before you design your roller banner.
  3. Key information. Remember your roller banner is meant to be a signpost and not your entire proposal.  They should be concise and present the right information so that your potential customers can contact you if they choose.
  4. Use high resolution imagery. Investing in high quality photography for your roller banner will make all the difference in how your pop up banner looks.  Make sure your imagery is at least 300dpi and the colours have been converted to CMYK as opposed to RGB.
  5. Use other advertising products too. Table covers, pens, business cards, etc in your booth all add to your business advertisement.
  6. Keep your logo at the top of your roller banner. This is because this is the place most people are drawn to first then they look down for more information.
  7. Think carefully about what colours you use on your roller banner. What colours are in your branding? What colours stand out to your customers?  You want colours that work well together.  Colours like black and grey are serious colours while red and orange are quite bright and can grab a customer’s attention.
  8. Typography needs to be readable and also appealing. Think about what you already use on your logo as you don’t want it to look too different as this can make or break on how it looks as too many different typography can look muddled and difficult to read and puts people off.