The Importance of Finding the Right Marketing Automation Company

Entrepreneurs should always be working to find smarter and more efficient ways to run their day-to-day activities. One way business can achieve this and pay less for quality results is through finding a good marketing automation company. When used correctly, automation technology helps you automate workflows, boost productivity and achieve better customer experiences. Plus, you can integrate these software programs into your customer relationship management programs for better lead recognition.

Marketing Automation Options You Can Use

Many companies think about email automation and programs like MailChimp when they hear someone talking about marketing automation. While bulk emailing is an option, there are far more advanced features available through marketing automation. These options range from triggered emails to drip marketing campaigns.

Lead capture forms can help you capture information about a prospect for future emails. With drip marketing, you can send out emails on a set schedule to your prospects or clients. This allows you to time your customized emails in a way that matches the client’s current interests. You can also design your drip campaign to send out emails in response to customer actions like buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter.

With the best marketing automation companies, you can also integrate your posts and workflows through social media integration options. You can create dynamic content for your emails that displays differently depending on who is actually looking at it. Meanwhile, lead scoring helps you prioritize which of your prospects are the most desirable.

Marketing automation also allows you to segment your clients for better customer engagement and create customized landing pages for enhanced lead generation.

With triggered emails, you can set up emails that auto-respond when a client engages with you. A/B testing also helps you optimize campaigns and find out which techniques work the best.

All of these techniques can make a humongous difference for your business. When your business implements marketing automation correctly, it can improve the financial performance of your company. An estimated 82 percent of marketers enjoy a positive return on investment (ROI) when they use marketing automation. Plus, 67 percent of marketers already use this technique.

Why Marketing Automation Makes a Difference for Your Business

Marketing automation is important if you want to get more leads, acquire a steady stream of customers and give your current clients a personalized experience. As your company grows, giving actual personalized attention to each customer becomes increasingly difficult. By using automated emails and similar techniques, you can organize and streamline your tasks for a more productive experience.

One of the biggest reasons for using a marketing automation company is to save time. Once your business reaches a certain size, it is simply impossible to answer and read every email yourself. From scheduling emails to handling social media, you need some outside help to make things simpler. The average worker spends about a third of their day going through emails, which means that email automation can definitely boost your productivity.

Marketing automation also makes it easier to retain customers. It helps to easily reengage clients. From entering clients into a giveaway or segmenting your email list for different parts of your sales funnel, these automated techniques help to keep your clients involved. For every 5 percent boost in customer retention rates, the average business boosts their profits by more than 20 percent. This means your automated processes can greatly enhance your company’s profitability in the immediate future and over the long run.

Plus, marketing automation helps you nurture new leads. As an entrepreneur, you know that it is far harder to find and develop new leads than retain current clients. Marketing automation helps to lower the costs of nurturing new leads so that you only have to worry about them once they are already in the bottom of your sales funnel. Customers are also more likely to make a purchase from you if they receive a response within the hour, so your automated emails can go a long way toward turning casual leads into paying clients.

Growing Your Business and Providing a Better Customer Experience

Labour is generally the largest expense in most industries. With labour costs like health insurance, FICA taxes and other inputs constantly going up, savvy entrepreneurs need to find ways to lower costs and boost their efficiency. Marketing automation allows you to reduce the amount of time you and your employees have to spend on nurturing leads and developing client relationships. By using marketing automation companies, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive tasks.

Right now, 87 percent of retailers say that an omnichannel strategy is a very important and critical part of their success. Marketing automation helps provide a heightened level of customization without increasing your team’s workload and develop your omnichannel strategies. With the help of the right marketing company, you can reduce your overall labour costs and boost your profitability.