How Native Advertising Is Changing the Internet


The internet as a platform has become the wild west for optimization and change on a societal level. While most people spend their time on the internet being productive (school, work) or focusing on entertainment (social media, video streaming) there is a subset of activity dedicated to marketing. Once you are online, outside of subscription websites, you largely don’t spend any money on your experience. So how do all of these businesses stay active and online? They do it through advertising. Over the years, users have gotten wise to traditional advertising and that has forced a revolution. Nowadays, companies are embracing the benefits of native advertising.

The Impact of Native Advertising

When it comes to advertising, businesses have to walk a fine line between making their product noticed while not being obnoxious. If a user has a bad experience with a piece of advertisement, they’ll likely respond in a negative fashion to the product. Traditional advertisements no longer work, users are blocking out old-school advertising and businesses are losing money on the expense.

Nowadays, companies are more focused on embracing something known as native advertising. As one of the best ad platform available, native advertising offers businesses a host of different ways to reach out to their specific demographics. Native advertising¬†is a special subset of marketing that works to put ads into environments where they become PART of the environment itself, rather than something that sticks out. Let’s look at a few benefits of native advertising below.

Better Attention

Native advertisements benefit companies in a number of different ways. Primarily, native advertising gives a business a better kind of attention. Users who see ads are seeing these advertisements in an appropriate context that doesn’t distract them from their intended experience. Native advertisements become part of the user’s experience rather than a distractor from it.

Relevant Demographics

Native advertisements are being embraced by businesses because it is also giving them better quality results. Native advertisements are easier to target specific demographics which means that the type of clickthrough impact is increasingly effective. Users are clicking on advertisements that are increasingly relevant to what it is they are already searching for and that is invaluable when a conversion is placed at a premium.

Customers Embrace the Ad

Finally, native advertising gives potential customers the illusion of agency in relation to the advertisement itself. While most customers aren’t actively looking for products being marketed by advertisements, native advertisements integrate in a way that is more palatable to the user. Being able to put branded content in front of a customer in a more natural way allows the customer to feel like they are controlling whether they want to buy something or not. Integrated advertisements are incredibly powerful tools that can convert to sales easier than traditional advertising.¬†Native advertising¬†is one of the biggest new trends in the marketing world, for a good reason. With native advertising plans, businesses can finally reach the customers they are looking for.