How Can Hand Sanitizers Benefit Your Business?

Hand sanitizer is an effective tool to prevent any kind of infection and kill harmful germs. It helps in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. In a pandemic like COVID19, hand sanitizers are in high demand and you must choose and use the right one.

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What is a hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is an agent applied to the hands for removing common disease-causing organisms and germs. Hand sanitizers are available in gel, foam, or liquid consistency. They are recommended when soap and water are not available for hand washing or when frequent hand washing irritates your skin causing fissures or scaling to begin.

Types of Hand Sanitizer containers

  • Most commonly used are the hand sanitizer bottles and sprays. Sizes available are 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz. The recommended size includes four-ounce bottles that are travel-friendly and long-lasting.
  • The second common hand sanitizer type is of spray pen.  They are extremely convenient to carry and use. These custom hand sanitizers spray pens available in a variety of lovely scents and do not spill easily. Therefore, a popular choice.
  • The third type includes sanitizer wipes. Nowadays due to COVID-19, these sanitizer wipes are in increasing demand. They are disposable clothes immersed in an antibacterial solution. Chlorine and alcohol-based wipes are best suited for cleaning household and office surfaces. Wipes with soothing aloe properties are best for cleaning and rubbing hands.

Points to consider while marketing hand sanitizers

  • Optimum alcohol concentration: The range of alcohol in the sanitizer should be between 40 to 90% as it has been shown that the ideal concentration of alcohol in the sanitizer kills germs and microorganisms by 99%.
  • Wide Range of Style: Nowadays there is a wide variety of hand sanitizers available in the market. They are available in different sizes and styles. Their range varies from a tiny pocket-friendly hand sanitizer bottle to a big one for household purposes. So, you can make an open choice to use a wide range of hand sanitizers for your business promotion and advertisement.
  • Budget-friendly: In this COVID-19 pandemic it has been shown that Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is an effective tool to fight infection due to harmful germs. Therefore, hand sanitizer is not only useful for you in promoting your business, but also these hand sanitizers are very affordable. You can buy these hand sanitizer bottles in bulk from any wholesaler or online store and then customize them accordingly at affordable prices.
  • Logo of hand sanitizer: Your logo and brand imprinted label on your promotional hand sanitizer bottles will have a massive effect on customers. They will get to know about your branding and company and your existence in the market.


You should keep all the points mentioned above in your mind while selecting the kind of hand sanitizer that fits your need.