Four Common Errors in Google Ad Words Campaigns

Many advertisers and customers make the same mistakes in Google Ads. Errors that make your campaigns not optimized. They make you spend money foolishly and do not achieve your set objectives.

Managing SEM campaigns in Google Ads is not easy. There are many aspects to keep in mind, and the Ad Words interface is not as friendly as it seems. At Gold Coast Marketing you’ll learn more on how to maximize your campaigns

In this post, you’ll learn five errors in Google Ads that you should avoid if you want your campaigns to peel it.

I’m sure you’re interested too. Let’s get started!

  1. Define the Objective Poorly

This is the core of every campaign. What do you want to achieve with your Google Ad Words campaign?

Depending on your marketing objective, you must create one campaign or another. Segment your audience and choose one type of bid or another.

Also, keep in mind the budget you are willing to spend. Be clear about your goal before you start designing your campaign structure and touching the Ad Words options.

  1. Failure to Analyze Your Competition

If your competition is in Ad Words, you have to know what you are doing. Analyze your strategy and ads.

Why? Because it saves you a lot of work!

Analyzing your competition will help you discover keywords that convert and your unique selling point.  How can you find out what your competition is doing in Google Ad Words?

  • Doing Google searches with the keywords, you think you can compete for.
  • Using SEMrush, it’s a top tool. You can search by keyword or by the advertiser.

Spend a good time analyzing your competitors’ ads. You will see how you get ideas for your campaigns.

  1. Choosing a Wrong Campaign Structure

Google Ad words manager allows you to create different types of campaigns, depending on your objective, the budget, and the resources.

Choosing the wrong type of campaign is one of the most common errors in Google Ad words. In Ad Words, you can create the following campaigns:

  • Search with Display selection
  • Search Network only
  • Display Network only
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Universal Application Campaign

Before you touch on Google Ad Words, take a paper and pen and start thinking. Keep in mind that each of the Ad Words layers has its settings.  Be clear from the start how you will structure your campaign to get conversions at much lower prices.

  1. Lack of an Optimized Landing Page

Optimizing the landing page? But it is not part of the ad, nor part of Google Ad Words!

Error! Big mistake, friend.

The landing page has enormous value in ads for Google Ad Words. It’s one of the critical factors of the Quality Level of the keywords. If you want to pay less for each click and, of course, get conversions, you must have a super optimized landing page for each ad group.

The more relationship a landing page has with an ad, the higher quality level Ad Words will give you.


Managing campaigns in Google Ad Words is not straightforward, but with Gold Coast Marketing, you can learn. What other mistakes in Google Ad Words do you think beginners commit?

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